Styling Suits

  • by Lisa Mitchell
Styling Suits

Styling suits seems like a daunting task but it's relatively easy. The suit should be a staple of every modern woman's wardrobe. The great thing about the suit is its versatility. From business casual to dressy to everyday wear the suit is here to stay this spring. With bright colours all around, suits this season are a great pick to introduce some of these colours into your wardrobe. 

The great thing about the suit is its versatility. You can take it to the office, a bar, or even a museum. It all depends on how you choose to style it. To make a suit more casual I would suggest that you, start by pairing it with a t-shirt. If it's cold layer a long-sleeved turtleneck or mock neck underneath for added warmth. The t-shirt is a great thing to wear with a suit because you add this traditionally casual thing juxtaposed with the formalness of the suit. This difference really stands out to make a cool and unique outfit. It allows for the suit to be toned down and feels less like you are just about to head into a business meeting. To make it even more casual wear it with chunky sneakers. This allows the suit to feel modern and cool. Think off-duty model. To keep warm try layering with a sweater. Try something bright to match but a neutral one works too. This style works well with both something knitted or a sweatshirt style. A sweater vest is another way to add a bit of style to the suit. Layered over a t-shirt or b shirt you will surely look very put together. The best way to look good in a suit during colder weather is to layer.

The pink Danta suit by B. Young is surprisingly easy to wear and style. The good thing about block colour suiting is that finding patterns and colours that go with them is relatively easy. Firstly, can't go wrong with black or white tees and shirts. They will always be a classic. For something more out there, brands like Numph have a whole load of pinks, blues, oranges and reds that work nicely next to the bubble gum pink in the suit. This means that finding versatility within the collections is super simple. B. Young itself has a lot of different types of patterns and colours that will also work with the Danta suit.

The Saint Tropez double-breasted suit in Hibiscus works nicely with the rest of the Saint Tropez collection. The bright reds and greens all work together allowing for seamless mixing and matching of product. Try the wide-leg trousers with the striped Taira t-shirt in matching hibiscus red or Ming green. Accompanied by the blazer allows for an effortlessly casual look and paired with chunky trainers. This suit also works nicely with the Tess sweatshirt by Saint Tropez in hibiscus for a monochromatic look or in cream for comfort. For something smarter try the frilly Lilja shirts or even pair the blazer with the Coral tulle skirt in hibiscus for something more feminine and dressier. This would work well with some sandals like those from Saltwater or a slim Gola trainer. 



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